McBand :
Bigger than God
McJesus (big Mac) Combined!

God wants you to eat at McDonalds

Now you're probably asking what the heck this is. I will explain. This is a little project me (Dave Ninja) & Jay started this last summer. We at first were playing just little church songs and getting a few Stars On covers, while I secretly filled Jay's head with lots of punk music. Well, it paid off and now we have a Christian punk band with around 15 songs ready to go. We've playing with this chick Lisa from my college and she's been real great, but as of 1/28 she became our full time keyboarder! Yes, the - biggest obstacle in a band's career: finding a chick. Well, maybe not, but it's still hard. We also just picked up a bassplayer/manager and all around good guy. We call him Dick. He likes it. His real name is Archbitchshop David F'n Smith II. He's gonna help us put some promo stuff and concerts together. He is truly someone that God meant for us to meet. We plan to record our songs probably in the next month or two, get them down on some cds, and get big overnight. But if that doesn't happen, we're just going to wait til God let's us. That's why were here doing the thing we do. It's all for God and to spread the word, baby!

Songs by McBand from the unreleased record "stinks like love or vomit":

Suggestions by fans
but we don't play these
we just steal from them:

so far we have "the fry girls an angel" somewhere on paper
other ideas:
-the hamburglar get the chair
-red, white and mustard
-trainie of the year
-close yer eyes and grimance
-McBand McBeats McMeat
a song about sunday and wednesday deals called
wed/sun meal deal:
sunday meal is a treat
how many burgers can you eat
39 cents is all it takes
real full bellies is what it makes
wednesday's meal is even better
if you dont like the cheddar
if you eat with the clown
mcD's homies will be down
Hamburler gets the chair
hamburgler hamburgler
succulent meats
with that mask
he's so unique
watch him go here and there
stealing burgers everywhere
stealing burgers everywhere
i just hope he never gets caught
stolen burgers sure are hot
i just hope he stays free
he better run and flee
he better run and flee
run and flee
if the hamburgler gets the chair
i dont think you;d really care
you'd probably just think its neat
to have no one to steal your meat
no one to steal your meat

mcdonald's monkey burger

how are you?
pleased to meet,
how much monkey
can you eat

mcdonalds monkey burger

what is in,
in the meat?
monkey burger
what a treat

mcdonalds monkey burger

[solo that makes it so the song is not 30seconds]

what is in
in the meat?
how much monkey
can you eat?

Fuck You Ronald McReagen (our 80s hardcore song)
Amerikan meal
howz it feel
Amerikan meal
howz it feel

burger and friez
salt in yer eyez
burger and friez
salt in yer eyez

Fuck You Ronald McReagen

[slow mosh part where we play both those chords again only slow and mosh like]

fast part again, I don't remember if we repeat the words


>From fan Tess we stole stuff:
wednesday meal deal is a treat
how many burgers can you eat?
39 cents is all it takes
full full bellys what it makes
if you wanna eat with the clown
mcd's homies will be down
hamburgler hamburgler
succulant meats
wednesday meal deal
so unique
leave the burger on the grill
so ecoli virus wont cause ill
>From fan Tim:
a song about like Super Sizing
I look you in the eyes
I won't tell you twice
I want extra fries
and apple pies

Super size me baby!

Did somebody say McBand?

Updated 3/13/98

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