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This is loads of fun. It's fast, happy, snotty punk with lots of surprises. The songs are short, as they should be, and assault your senses with yell-singing (which ain't bad at all) over super happy chords. It has a basement sound that is perfectly fitting, but the recording never fails to conjure images of them on stage with hundreds of crazed persons running around knocking each other over. It's just that good.


Fuck Yeah! the release I have been waiting for about 2 years, the Bananas full length. Ever since I got their Peel Sessions 7" I have been having wet dreams about getting more of their stuff, seeing them live, and touching them in uncomfortable spaces. Well the Full length is so fucking good words cannot describe it. Lo-fi 4 track recording gives this 14 song cd the best sound I have heard in awhile. Great lyrics, hooks, and harmonies give this album a big two thumbs up in my book. I mean harmonies in that you have to picture hearing a Chorus of Retards all singing at the same time after they just got done polishing off about 5 bottles of vodka. Tracks that kick my ass are " Feel good hit of the Summer", "Sugar Bear", "Fancy Pants", and all the rest of the album. This band is from Sacramento and they rule. Play this at your Mom and Ex-girlfriend really loud! You can get this CD for $5 post paid from Plan-it-x records at: 5810 w. willis rd. / georgetown In. 47122.

-Joel Jett



This might be one of the most overlooked pop-punk records of 1999. After releasing two limited EPs, the Bananas have finally graced us with a full-length that doesn't cease from their slaphappy slop-punk. On top of their lo-fi recording techniques, raspy, slurred vocals, and all around silliness, Forbidden Fruit is a party surrounded in yellow packaging; after all, they are called the Bananas.

- Mike DaRonco

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Flipside Fanzine:

This is like a happy pill: stripped down, straight ahead, aggressive, upbeat, hyper-kids-screaming-like-they-didn't-get-what-they-wanted-for-christmas punk rock. There are genius pop songs inside of each and every one of these spastic out-bursts laid down with brilliance and pure conviction on a four track. Some fun experimentation, consistently strong structures all throughout this chaos, this kinda spit and energy just proves that these Bananas are intelligent and kicking the Ritalin. Reminds me of these three late great bands: The Fondled, Blatz, and the Hot corn Girls. Put a smile on my face.


Flipside Fanzine


This Sacramento band are comical to say the least.Ý The CD tricks you right off he bat.Ý The first song sounds like The Melvins strung out on heroine. Yes, itís that slow and grueling. The next thing you know, youíve got good old early eighties punk riffs, pounding drum fills and bratty vocals For a brief minute I thought I was listening to Darby Crash singing over Poison. The songs are mostly short bursts of emotion.Ý Nearly every track has a sing along chorus with plenty of back-up vocals. The lyrics are simple, honest and funny. If youíre a fan of this kind of punk, then youíll love this chitty band.

-Jason Pepe



Of course the Bad Monkey is gonna like bananas, but it goes beyond that! You need to have this CD! I absolutely adore it. An amazing, passionate trio from Sacramento, CA, with male and female members that does spastic, funny, unpredictable punk rock. When I heard this, I wanted to sign 'em to Bad Monkey, but they're already on Plan-It-X. That doesn't matter. What matters is that you hear this band! (This will be available for mailorder starting June 15.)

- Bad Monkey



THE BANANAS, ìforbidden fruitî CD.

ex-sewer trout. highly recommended by just about everybody! Snotty ass lo-fi. (plan-it-x)


If Monkey's could play pop punk they would sound like this! This is on Plan-it X Records. This features ex-members of NAR! Viva old East Bay.


(German distributor)

Bananas ìForbidden Fruitî
1999 MCD 7,50 EUR

Here 14 D.I.Y Punk Trax will verb-guess/advise in 24 minutes. Trashig, with the slope to the crazy person and catchy Melodies. FUCKBOYZ meets SCARED OF CHAKA plus ' ne prize WORMBATH obendrauf. Four round, in-usual Bubblegum D.I.Y. Pop Punkrock Songs, somewhere between WALKER/TEEN IDOLS and PARASITES/Mr. T EXPERIENCE.


From some Eye-talian:

The Bananas - "Forbidden Fruit" Da Sacramento (CA) una vera sorpresa: Punk rock anche un pÚ garage veramente bellissimo. 14 pezzi uno pi˜ bello dell'altro da ascoltare e ballare assieme ai vostri amichetti. Ehi, c'Ë anche l'adesivo per la vespa!!! (Plan-it-X records - 5810 w.willis rd. Gorgetown IN.47122) Z


Babel Fish Translation, In American:

The Bananas - " Forbidden Fruit " From Sacramento (CA) one true surprise: Punk rock also a Pˆ¾ the truly beautifulst garage. 14 pieces one beautifulr of other listening and dancing together to yours amichetti. Ehi, is also the adhesive one for the vespa!!!



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