Punked-out funk or funked-out punk not in a Chili Peppers mode but more like JB on speed psychosis. --ss

Often pronounced "chik chick chik" or "pow pow pow"


!!! site:



!!! members:

Nic Offer, vocals
Mario Andreoni, guitar
Alan Wilson, saxaphone
Tyler Pope, guitar
Gorman, trumpet
John Pugh, drums
Rayzen, percussion
Justin Vandervolgen, bass
Mike Juice, ex-drummer


!!! releases:

S/T '97 tour cassingle - 4 songs

S/T 7" - The Dis-ease/The Funky Branca 45 (Hopscotch, 1998)

Out Hud/!!! split 12" (GSL/Zum, 1999)

!!! LP/CD (GSL, 2000) (GSL website currently not working)

Troubleman Mix-Tape comp 2CD (Troubleman, 2001)

!!! self-titled



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