Colby's Kids



Isaac Sanders - Vocals
Josh Coleman - Bass
Bryan Bates Jr. - Drums
Mark Faulkner - guitar
Colby Schneider - guitar

(occasionally Aaron Langenbeck and Bill Pennington would sub in for drums at shows and practice)

Then Mark moved to Seattle and Josh quit the band cause Colby couldn't play guitar. Brian Bates Jr. quit the band cause Josh quit. Colby continued the band. The new lineup...

Isaac Sanders - Vocals
Colby Schneider - guitar
Andy Eaton- drums (died, 1999, brain tumor)
Kevin Hinely - bass
Jon Boston - guitar

Then Issac quit the band cause he thought performing with The Colby's Kids was too embarrassing so Colby stopped playing guitar and took over on vocals. The band broke up after Andy died. There has been talk about a reunion show.


one track "O.k. hardcore" on the KDVS benefit comp cd entitled "Menus With Manpower". This track is featuring the original lineup.


Information sent by Josh Coleman. 8-5-2.



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