Danny Poo & The Roto-Doggies



Sumpy, trumpet, and a number sign
Skid Marx (aka Skid Jones aka Scott Jones), guitar
Cheese (rats ass's little brother), drums
Chim Chim, four string guitar
J Hyde, bass
Danny Poo Perkins, vocals
Drunk Doug, Saxaphone

no releases.

  Skid Jones says: Sumpy played a number sign (A metal sign, played similarly to a saw. wiggled back and forth to create a "wobble-wobble" sound - kinda like the jug in The Thirteenth Floor Elevators). Danny Poo & The Rotodoggies actually started out as a reformed line-up of Forced Tradition. Actually, at our first gig we were billed that way. We continued to play the F.T. song, "Skate Or Die" even after the name change. Other popular Rotodoggie songs were: "Ovaltine", "Pity Me", "Down On The Farm", "McKinley Park (Schmidt Beer Blues)".




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