Deep Six

1990? - 1996?


Kendon Smith (quit early on and was called a sell out)
Kenny Beasly, guitar
Jason, bass
Mike Ericson, vocals
Jason Patrone, bass (quit after being called a sell out)
Ed Carroll, drums (quit after being called a sell out)
Curt Cottrell, Guitar (quit after being called a sell out)
Bill Econome, guitar
Mike Guice, drums

Anonymous Coward says, "Jason and Ed and maybe Curt quit when Kenny told them they were sellouts (which is what he told Kendon on Kendon's quitting) who didn't go to hip hop shows. (That was
weird, since Deep Six was always kind of a white pride, white guys in the US who wished they were the Clash, failing that Sham 69 and failing that Angelic Upstarts at least.) Also, the singer, a scary man named Mike stole some Oi! books from Ed Carroll, which also made Ed C pretty ready to quit. Anyhow, they became Pressure Point and did a recording based on a lot of songs that Jason and Ed had written. The record sucked, so Lars from Rancid put some guitar on it and remixed it so it didn't suck so much. Imagine the shock when the label (Rancid's) didn't go ga ga over it."




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