The Four Eyes

Santa Cruz, moved to Sacramento




Joel Kill
Jay 'Biz' Baker
Dave Ninja


Rock and Roll (Role) with The Four Eyes (1994) - Tape
Xeroxica (1994) - (Secret Center) Tape Comp
The Four Eyes Come Prepared (Dirty Bear, 1995) - 7 inch
The Four Eyes, The Secret Center Sessions (1995) - Tape
Swimming in the Secret Sea (1996) - Secret Center CD comp
The Four Eyes hit the Jackpot (1996) - never came out, never finished
Yatzee Punks Fuck Off (1996) - SSecret Center Tape Comp
The Four Eyes Unlimited Hits (1999) - Tape
The Four Eyes Double Rockin' It (2000) - CDR
The Four Eyes Live on KDVS (2000) - CDR
The Four Eyes The Secret Center Sessions (2000) - CDR: (rerelease of the Secret Center Sessions)
The Four Eyes - Hat Nerd (Dec 2000) - 7 inch
Unity CD Comp (2001?)
The Four Eyes - Sweet Sounds (2001?) - CD?
The Four Eyes - Secret Center Sessions 2 (2001) Tape?





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