The Knockoffs





Tim White, guitar, vocals (later bass)
Tom Hutchinson, bass, vocals (later guitar)
Tom Anderson, drums (left, then Wendy, then Tom came back)
Wendy Powell, drums
Bobby Jordan, bass
Dan Reynoso, 2nd guitar
Rodney Cornelius, bass
Dean Seavers, drums
Kevin Seconds, background vocals on Sell the Move

Anonymous Coward says "Both Rodney and Dean were original members and played the first show before Tim White and Tom Hutchinson fired 'em."



Unreleased Tracks ep (RPM, 1994)
Xeroxica tape comp (Secret Center, 1994)
Uh, This is a Cover tape comp (Secret Center, 1994)
Wake up and smell... ep (Secret Center, 1995)
Swimming the Secret C comp CD (Secret Center, 1996)
Yatzee Punks Fuck Off comp tape (Secret Center, 1996)
World Full of Friends comp LP (Repent, 1997)
Being in a Band Doesn't Really Get You Girls comp CD (Slap Happy, 1998)
12 Sucker Punches CD (Heartpunch, 1998)
Holly Gobstoppers Batman!! Another Comp...comp CD (Slap Happy, 1999)
Sell the Move CD (Slap Happy, 2000)





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