Sea Pigs

(aka Noise aka Stormbringer aka Silent Runner)

LA then moved to Sacramento

Sometimes punk and heavy metal meet under strange circumstances. If Black Sabbath played funny punk. --ss



Dave Seapig, guitar, vocals
Mike Seapig, drums
Jay Onyskin, bass
Aaron "Cubby" Fatguy, bass (lasted about 4 months before Jay took over)
Billy, keyboards (back in the LA days)



qwertyuiop comp ep (Secret Center/Very Small, 1991)
Freaktard 7" ep (Very Small, 1992, 800 on black vinyl)
Vinyl Retentive comp 2LP - La Grange - (Very Small, 1993, 2000 on black)
Vault comp tape (Enharmonik, 1993)
Concrete World comp tape (Bat Guano, 1993)
Two Old Guys and a Fat Kid ep (Turgid, 1993)
Songs About Drinking comp 2LP (Too Many, 1996)
Sea Pigs/Far split ep


Dave Seapig says a lot of neat stuff, here's what I remember, "Cubby quit to join Johnny Nitro & the Door Slammers. We got him from Screamin' Dave Wright & the Boll Weevils. I met Cubby at Melarkys while I was shooting off guns. We moved to Sacramento in 1987. Mike's wife Jackie fell in love with a heroin dealer and left him, and I transferred to the Sacramento Youth Authority as a guard. As "Silent Runner" we had laser shows and 12 minute songs called stuff like 'The Wizard'. Then Mike's dad died and we started playing punk."




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