DJ "Deej" Willis

dead, 1968-1991

Deej Willis and Mickie Ratt
Deej Wills and Mickie Ratt
Mickie says Deej is "the guy with the curly hesher hairstyle playing the steve vai guitar".


From the Secretions web site:

We needed a band name. D.J. kept a list of band names stuck on his refrigerator for just such an emergency. I don't remember what any of them were, but the one that Dave hated the most was "Secretions," so that was the one that we picked. We had only been playing together for about a month when D.J. was knocked off his scooter by a drunk driver who didn't bother to stop at a red light, or even after he crushed most of Deej's upper torso.

D.J. died a slow, painful death about two weeks later. Me and Dave were sad, but were cheered up by the thought that most punk bands that have band members who die weird, tragic deaths usually become really famous, or at least some kind of fucked up legend that everyone remembers for some reason or another. What we didn't know was that D.J.'s death was the start of some kind of crazy Spinal-Tappian curse that still plagues the Secretions to this very day. At D.J.'s funeral, we met a guy named Dan Reynoso who sympathized with our loss and claimed to be a half-assed sucky guitarist. We let him try out for the band, but he wasn't as good as he said he was, so we let him join.


And Mickie Ratt, also says:

Yeah. He was riding on a scooter with his girlfriend to the video store in the Fruitridge area and some joker who was probly drunk blew a red light and broadsided them when they were turning left. His girlfriend survived with a broken leg. Deej lived about two weeks, but his lungs kept filling up with fluid and they couldn't stop it from happening. Personally I think they could have saved him, but I think his mom had him unplugged so she could get at the quarter of a miliion that he inherited when his dad died. But that's just me.




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