Doug Martin

1/24/1968 - 1994

Okay, Mark Miller knows the woman who did the autopsy, Doug was a junky, but he choked on a chicken bone (probably because he was nodding off into a plate of chicken).


Pounded Clown


From Ed Hunter:

Here are a few, from my bad memory.

We were going over a song called Night of the Elephant. Doug insisted on playing bass on it. He must've been quite cranked up because he could not concentrate and was making no sense at all. He asked me to show him the riff. I was going through the chords. "Okay, it goes G, then C, then D..." He screamed, "Don't show me THAT way!"

There are many, many times when he said very inappropriate things. In fact, he said some things that were so inapropriate that the people who heard these things who didn't know Doug would just look at him with shocked expressions and then continue on as if nothing happened.

I can't really recall any quotes except for the ones you know about. About a pair of tinfoil underwear, "to keep the pussy warm." Or the time a girl was telling people about how she'd been raped. Doug's reaction, "Did you cum?"

I met him before the drugs kicked in, but didn't really know him all that well. He was known as a guy with balls this big, who didn't give a fuck about what offended anyone. He was smart and clever and knew a lot about weird music. Then the crank happened and he couldn't really express himself very often. When he worked at State Net, I started to know him better, but shortly after that, he was into speed and lost the job. He was a bad influence. We would take "lunch" at the Monte Carlo at 15th and S, which consisted of beer and peanuts which he paid for with his discovery card. Or we would drink tequila at 605 before you lived there. He would also steal from his grandma, which was when he started being a drag.

That's all I got so far. He did have a girlfriend who moved to Santa Cruz, whose name escapes me. She would have a lot of stories from his acid days.