Scott Miller


The Art Officials
Bagpipe Operation, guitar
The Bananas, drums
Bright Ideas, guitar
Crosby, Still, Nash and Davenport
Ice Bucket Heads, guitar, vocals
IJQ, drums
Janked, vocals
Los Huevos, drums
The Mail Order Brides, guitar, back vocals
nar, guitar, vocals
Rigor Mortis Acid Bath, one string guitar
Sacramento Apes (a Cassingle band)
Ski Instructors, guitar, vocals
Sunlight Release, drums
Tiki Men, drums
Torture, guitar, vocals
The U Street Gentleman's Club (a Cassingle band)

other crud:

Scott ran Secret Center Records. Which never had a web page. I don't think he does it anymore but he still has a few unsold records, that are probably for sale at Time Tested Books, 21st between K & L.




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