Pounded Clown!

NOTE: This page was done in March 1996 by Geoff aka Lance Boil, without the permission of the band. Geoff assumed they wouldn't mind. Any corrections or additions welcome.

[NOTE TO THE NOTE: Me, Dave "Smith" sort of hijacked this site from Geoff. Changes I made are mostly minor but includes shrinking and cheapening the photos and scans Geoff made so they'll load faster. I hounded Ed and he beefed up the bio section. At some point I'm going to re-release the Pounded Clown/Horny Mormons record. Also done without permission of the band, but I assume that I won't care if they mind. If you've never heard Pounded Clown you probably assume they were a ska band. They weren't. It was a punk rock band with a horn section. Something I haven't heard of since.]

News! - Dave "Smith" is putting out the Pounded Clown/Horny Mormons split. Hopefully the Lizards/Nar split will fit on it too. Thank you David Hayes for putting it out on Very Small Records in the first place. If you have any interest let me know: gorn@nokilli.com. Their record on Last Resort Records is still available at PO Box 874, Alta Loma, CA 91701 $4 post paid.

Click here to go to Geoff's original Pounded Clown site if you want to see the larger photos located at http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~geoff/pc/pc.shtml.

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Pounded Clown! formed on a Halloween a few years back. The band consisted of Dave Downey on vocals, Ed Hunter on guitar, Hal McLean on drums, and Mike Kellogg on bass, and at any one time up to six or seven horn players, including Ian, John, Kenny, Rick, Todd, Vince, Star, DeeAnn, and more. Between Dave's cool vocals and the other member's individual talents, Pounded Clown! managed to produce incredibly wonderful music that must be heard to be appreciated.

Pounded Clown! put on fun live shows featuring not only all the fun and energy of their music, but also Dave Downey dressed as a woman. Although they were unfortunately infrequent, I was always ready for a PC! show. Pounded Clown! also played a great live show on KDVS.

Pounded Clown! played their last show in June of 95. Various members continue to ply their trades in other great Sacramento punk bands. Check out the members section for more info.

Just in case you care, I wrote down all the lyrics I can.
Also, I made a page with links to all the graphics, such as pictures, album covers, etc.

Special thanks to Todd Paoletti for some of the lyrics. And you, well, just for being the way you are. Love Ya.

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