I haven't read this for a long time.  I used to be a complete asshole.  Sorry, A.R.



Part 1 by Jeff Downing

Part 2 by Dave Smith


OK, here you go.  what I saw.... 

The 4 speed.  Oh my, what a car.  It was like a dream come true.  A
factory 4 speed.  And with a 273 V8 to boot.  Man, could it get any

Friday I took it when I drove downtown for the usual Friday activity
of hanging out at the Legion Hall and going to Inferno's with the
Archbishop David "Smith", Dave Ninja and Lisa.  Billtari was even
around when I finally tracked down the crowd hanging out at the
Legion.  First I tried the Archbishops place of employment, then his
homestead, finally the Lesion.

We sat around, drank some beer, watched the "Where are they Now" 
thingy on MTV about 80's one hit wonder rock bands. There was also the
bet.  Val Kilmer was hosting the dumb MTV thing and we got to thinking
about horrible Val Kilmer movies.  Then Dave and I thought of The
Princess Bride.  Jason said he weren't in the movie.  Sure he
was.  A bet for a 6-pack of King Cobra Tall boys ensued.  Dave and
Jason left for work to check the web for the correct answer.  DOH! 
Willow, it was Willow with the midget that Val was in.  Jason came
back with a brown paper bag filled with booze. 

I finally was coerced into going and picking up Davey and Lisa because
it started raining.  I did and Davey gave me the temp/oil pressure
gauge he got from his old man and also a air thingy for my compressor
so I could inflate my flat tires at home with my compressor when my
tires are flat.  It was an old one with a built in gauge.  Nice. 

When we got back to the Lesion we sat there for a minute and then
decided it was time to go to Inferno's for pizza and calzone.  Dave
Smith decided to stay behind.  He was hoping for some chicks to show
up that he could pick up on.... 

We drove down to Inferno's and found out that the infernal place was
overun with teens and maybe some crummy band or something.  It was
packed!  So we skipped it and began debating where we would go for
food.  Wienerschnitzel?  Vallejo's?  What?  We decided on
Wienerschnitzel and the Latino food place next door (not Taco Hell) on
Broadway.  I got a burrito and had Bill get me some fries from Der
Wiener place.  Lisa ordered tacos or something with no cheese, but she got
cheese, so I had to watch her pick it all off.  She doesnt like
"white' cheese or something.  It is "gross".  Ok, that makes perfectly
good sense to me. 

Then we went next door to see what was holding up Bill and Davey. 
Apparently some creepy guy kept eyeballing Bill, maybe he wanted to
beat him up for being dumb or something.  I ain't sure.  But finally
Bill got his food and we left. 

Back to Bills and Daves to eat, drink and watch TeeVee.  Bill ran over
to Cheaper to get a twelver.  We ate, watched some TeeVee, and then
Davey started playing Skull Monkey on Playstation. 

Then Dave showed up again.  No chicks to pick up on at the
Lesion.....then it happend....He called Nauru, the Fat Web Cam Chick. 
Dave had gotten to know here via her website.  She actually came to
Sacto at least twice.  Crazy.  Oh my.  What now?  She was having a
party? Where?  Yuba City, oh the Air Force base? Got directions?  Dave
wanted to go. Time to see the Web Cam chicks home and setup.  Oh man. 
Who would go with him?  He was in no condition to drive.  I said...(I
should have bit my tongue) "I'll go" (I knew I had to go cause it is
what Guy would have wanted)

He kinda ignored me and proceeded to try and talk Bill into going.  He
started making his case (it was pretty weak) and Bill was already fat
and bloated from eating 3 chili cheese burgers some fries, half my
burrito and something else he got at the weinerhouse.  Not to mention
all the beers at the Lesion and the house.  Dave begged, pleaded,
threatened, cajoled, bribed, cried, whined and promised.  Nothing
worked.  Bill was being a spined pillar of opposition.  I told Dave
"Lets's Go!" and I headed out the door. 

They know that when I say lets go, I go.  No waiting around or
anything.  I got outside, went to the car and waited, I figured Dave
would be right behind me.  Nope, after a couple of minutes I went back
in and Dave was still jumping around in front of Bill on the couch and
trying to talk him into going.  Dave was surprised when I walked in,
he figured I would just go home.  Not this time.  This time I turned
off all sensiblities.  I told him lets go again and he finally gave up
on Bill and Davey and Lisa going.  It was just me n Dave. 

We started driving.  When we got to Roseville the car started to have
problems.  It kept running but it would surge and pulse at a high
speed.  Hmmmm, we were baffled.  Dave was determined to get to the
dumb party though.  Against my superior intellects reasoning I kept

We stopped in Roseville to fill up on gas and buy a twelver.  Dave
paid for 13 gallons when the needle read 1/4 tank.  Hmmm, that means 5
gallons when I am at a 1/4 tank, nice information to have.  Then we
continued on our way, carefully. 

Turned out that if I didn't go to fast there wasn't any problem.  We
drove....and drove.....and drove.  We were headed for the Air Force
Base.  I told Dave it was the biggest (in terms of area) in the US. 
Wow.  He asked me all kinds of questions about living on a base, about
ID cards and junk like that.  I educated him on the ways of the
military brat. 

We drove through some small vacant towns.  Man, 10:30 pm, (that is
2230 hours for you military types) and these towns were rolled up
tight.  Finally came to the sign that indicated the base was another 8
miles down the road.  We drove out this back country road, nothing in
sight.  Man, how far out is this place?  Miles I told Dave.  I thought
we might have to drive for days more after we actually got to the

At the gate we had to stop and fill out paperwork so we could waltz
around the base like we owned it.  The guard, some Buck Seargant chick
from florida equipped with armaments (these got Daves attention).  She
was nice and all to us, considering that we definately did not fit the
typical base type looking personell.  She called to Nauru's place and
confirmed our visit and all, gave us passes and then we were off. 

Luckily the house was close to the gate.  I needed to pee.  The car
made it fine, except for the pulsating part.  Dave pulled out a couple
of beers out of the twelver and gave me one.  Gotta show up at the
door with beers in hand he said. 

We banged on the door and then we went in.  Soon as we stepped in I
knew it was going to be a long night.  There was Nauru and 5 other
people sitting, nearly comatose, around the living room.  The TeeVee
was on with the sound off.  The radio provided noise.  They were
apparently listening to a friend on the radio or something.  The crowd
was kinda odd. 

Nauru:  Fat web cam chick, lusting after Dave. 

Fat Chick:  Fat chick friend of Nauru. 

Obviously gay guy but in denial:  He is obviously gay but won't admit
it.  It was his birthday. 

Skinny punk rock like chick:  skinny, 3 colors of hair. 

Non descript other chick:  I think she had short hair. 

Long haired 80's rocker type:  complete with long blond hair,
sunglasses (which he wore inside the house all night while I was
there) and long handled comb sticking out of his back pocket. 

And then there was me and Dave. 

I really can't tell you much about these people cause they pretty much
sat there comatose and just glared and me n Dave. 

I drank a little beer and then decided I definately will want to leave
so I had better switch over to soda pop.  I also ate some m&m's later. 
Dave drank beer. Plenty of it. 

He started harassing Nauru in his fun loving way, calling her a midget
and junk like that.  Patting her on the head condiscendingly and
talking down to her like she was 2 year old with a bladder control
problem.  She loved it. 

We got to see the exciting world of web cam chicks.  Basically it was
just a computer in her bedroom with a camera on top of it and a light
so that it got good pictures.  She chainsmoked GBC cigarettes.  Mmmmm,
fancy.  She also had some props in her room. 

Dave kept asking her about the webcam.  How could she make any money. 
She ain't like one of the other chicks that has a free site and is
always sticking things into her snatch.  Every day you can tune in and
she has small children, vegitables, home appliances and everything
else you can think of crammed in her twat.  Nauru was vague about it
all and deftly deflected his inquisition. 

This went on for a couple of hours... crazy.  It was the worst.  I
could feel my life getting sucked out of me.  I felt that if I closed
my eyes I would die.  My life force sucked clean out of me.  I refused
to give in.....must......escape.........before........it

I told Dave that I really gotta go.  I can't stand no more.  He didn't
want to let me go.  I wanted to go.  He wanted me to stay.  We would
only get a chance to talk quickly when Nauru would be momentarily be
distracted by one of her other friends. Then she would be back. Dave
would pat her on the head some more and talk down to her some more and
call her midget some more.  The fat Nauru friend continued to give us
the evil eye stare. 

Finally a break happend.  A couple of her friends left.  I aint even
sure which ones.  YES!!!  We could leave now cause others had left
first.  We wouldn't make a faux pas by arriving late and leaving

Finally Dave gave in and told Nauru that, well, we were gonna take
off.  She told us to stay.  I said I HAVE TO GET HOME!!!  Then she set
me free....she said she was going to Sacto tomorrow.  I saw my opening
and I jumped at it.  I looked at Dave and said "Great, then you can
give Dave a ride home."  I gave Dave a minute to refute this. 
Nothing.  I said goodbye one more time and started for the door. 
Goodbye goodbye goodbye!!!  ( I said it the whole way out the door). 

I paused outside the kitchen window before I left to give Dave a
chance to leave with me.  I waited about a minute, but he kept talking
to Nauru....I guess the attraction of the web cam chick was too much
to resist in his druken state.  I left, drove home, went to sleep. 

Turned out the pulsating car was caused by a clogged fuel fitler.  I
called Daves and left a message for him to call me when he got
home....so I could find out what else happened after I left...He
called at 7:30 pm (that is 1930 hours for you military types). 


Dave's half: 

Jeff left me blind drunk.  I looked around, realized where I was and
sucked down a cyanide capsule I had hidden in a false tooth.  


It was creepy.  I've never had sex with someone who I didn't like just
for the sake of sarcastic sex.  My sarcastic life will kill me one-day.
Foreplay was sitting around being mean to her friends.  There was a 
gay guy, a "wacky" bi-sexual, and a fat bitter peckerwood.  The gay 
guy wasn't gay, they all said, but I wasn't buying it.  He was.  Even 
if he didn't know it.  Then her friends left and she put the moves on. 

It was creepy.  I was really drunk.  Had a Del Taco burrito around
11:30 am and quit eating for the day.  No more food, only booze. 
Started drinking pitchers of Guinness at 5 and it was like 1 or 2 am. 
She took off her clothes and man oh man. Then I started laughing a lot 
and scared her. I wasn't laughing at her, I was laughing at myself. 
I kept thinking about the time Jack and some guys swiped a watermelon 
and sat around all night making jokes about fucking it. Then after 
everyone left, Jack figured what the hell and cut a hole in the 
watermelon.  He said he was laughing at himself while he humped it 
but he kept banging away until he nutted.  Ended up with a scab 
on his dick from the rind. 

I grabbed another can of Busch, smoked a cigarette and went back to
work. She's got a lot of mass to wrestle with and as she'd buck, she'd
bounce me off. I ain't no great thing in the sack, but undoubtedly, I
was the worst I've ever been nookie wise.  Slept with one arm anchored 
off the side of the bed.  You ever see the episode of the Simpsons 
where Homer gets really fat and he flops down in bed, the bed sinks 
and Marge rolls on top of him?  It was like that.  She pulled down 
the mattress. 

I woke up hungover and waited for her to give me a ride home.  We 
sat around until 5 pm. Yeah, plenty of sober time to think about 
what a bastard I was.  The Butthole Surfers say that it's better 
to regret something you have done, rather than regret something 
you haven't done, but for the first time in my life, I wasn't so
sure about that.  I spent the day watching Maximum Overdrive trying
to sleep to hide from her, my guilty conscience, and my hangover. I 
probably said two things all day, "Hi, how's it going?" and "Where's 
your husband?". "France," she said. "Don't worry about him, we're 
separated."  She had gone and picked up her kid who was a little 
freak show too. Now it was a big happy house of short freaks:
me, her and the kid.  I couldn't place my finger on what was wrong
with the kid.  Not freak enough to charge admission to see, but 
more like just a touch of the Downs Syndrome.

On the way home, she asked if she'd see me again.  I said probably
not.  She said figured.  I started asking questions to fill the

As she piloted her beat to hell, barely running VW Bug through the
rain, she fished a generic cigarette from the glove box, peered
through the blurry smear that the non-working windshield wipers left
on the windshield and said as she repeatedly flicked the dying pink
Bic lighter to light the budget smoke, "I make $100,000 a year.  I
have over 550 paid subscribers and three girls working under me."

I asked her how long until she made her first million, "Oh, about two
years.  Well maybe a little longer if I'm just making $100,000 now." 
She asked me if I wanted to go clubbing in Yuba City and I told her I
was going to see the Pretty Girls that night (friend's band that only 
played two parties at that point).  "Oh the Pretty Girls.  I thought they
broke up."  Giving her the benefit of the doubt I asked if there was a
local band of the same name. "No, they're from down there.  The
bi-sexual that was at my house last night dated one of them, I think." 

When I got home I crawled into a hot shower and felt dirty and
ashamed. No really, I crawled under the hot water and sat there 
semi-fetal for an hour.

The jokes started coming in the day I got home.  Hey Dave, didja roll
her in flour?  Hey Pig Fucker, oink oink!  People walking by my desk
at work snickering.  Hey Ladies Man, how was the Nauru-b-que? 

At least I can cross out cam girl AND fat chick. 


1999. Nauru was nice in person, but my own sleaziness left me feeling 
hollow. I'm unaccustomed to the way of the one-night stand, and my
Catholic upbringing cripples me with guilt. I was never a member of 
her cam site, and quit checking her site.  When I finally did a year 
later, it was gone. I searched on the web and heard that she'd quit 
the cam stuff, then came back and told all her subscribers to send 
checks.  Then she vanished again. Angry ripped-off subscribers 
started posting pics from her paid site in yahoo clubs.  Really, I 
could have lived my whole life without ever seeing a girl I slept 
with giving blowjobs on "The Internet" and shoving coke bottles 
and bananas (the fruit not the band) up her baby hole. When Jeff 
and I were kidding her about that, we had no idea.  We were just 
screwing around.  This story was written the week after it happened 
back in 1999, and I found the pics in late 2000.