November 14, 2004

Short post from Cairns with almost no political comments

Posted by DaveSmith

Just a bit. I'm in Cairns. I left the CDr with my whining (whinging as the Aussies call it) about my tank splitting and getting a black eye at Mister Bob Dumma's house. I showed up at Bob's house with the black eye. Don't mean to be confusing.

I took Bob's son Brock's CDr by mistake. I'll mail it back tomorrow and see if I can get the bit I wrote (e)mailed back. It's a long post. I'll also try to get a bunch of photos up soon.

Right now I'm in Cairns on a temporary gas tank waiting for my new tank to show up. I'm also running low on Keppra (the anti-seizure drug) I'm on. I've got 12 days left on what I have. My brain doctor's secretary forgot to send in my prescription both times I bugged her about it when I was stateside, so my sister Cary started calling her about every 5 minutes until she faxed it in. Oddly enough, epilepsy can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But better epileptic than dead, I always say.

Today, I was in Cairns where I read A Swimming Monk by Malachy McCourt (drunken Irish guy who moved to New York City and drank up his marriage, an acting career and the bar he was part owner of). I'm sitting in the shade at a nice tropical beach, and what do I see? A fat gothic girl. What the hell does she have to be gothic about? She's in all black, trying to look pouty. Maybe her gothic depression is caused by too many coconut trees, tree kangaroos, and geckos. I don't know. She was writing, which had to be gothic poetry. Man, that's got to be some great reading. Ode to Eternal Sunshine That Haunts Me So. There's banana plantations all over. Maybe she's seen one too many "guy slipping on a banana peel" which sent her into the abyss.

And about the drunken political nonsense. It seemed like it was making sense at the time. Obviously I was bugged by police entrapment, but what the hell was I thinking? I've yet to meet someone that I haven't liked. Everyone is friendly. Soft drinks are made with sugar! The candy is good. Beer is good. The food is good. The girls are still so-so.

Ian will be my Transport Minister when my American sensibilities has me taking over a small local island (all Americans do that as a Rite of Passage). He'll be up for fighting after returning from his West African exploits. Ducatis for everyone! Although, I'll still have my own collection of thumpers from all over. One day I'll own some Brit bike singles.

Sober bad stuff about Australia: They drive like the USA (tailgating and hairy passing). And there's no sugar cereals. That's about it so far after a month, and the only "fault" is no sugar cereals. Well, there is one. It's a Cocoa Puffs type thing that's a store brand in the states (the one with the monkey on it).

Kids don't skate where there are signs saying "don't skate", people push bicycles across intersections, and graffiti is rare. But the rest areas are chock full of "want a blow job? meet me here at 4:30" type stuff. And Friday I saw my first Australian glory hole. I think they need gay bars here. So there, that's it for a sober post. They need gay bars is the only thing I can think of. Maybe there are gay bars, I haven't been looking. It'd be pretty funny going into an Australian gay bar and looking at the Australian fag hags. Not sure what they're called here. Fruit flies. It's the girls who mostly hang out with gays. Not sure why. Charlene? Any explanation?

Yesterday, Pat and I started off at the Bevels and Bullshit ride, but on 2 singles, we were way too slow and went off separately. Pat was on a nice 450 cafe racer he borrowed from a friend. The ride was mostly newer European bikes and Pat said they changed the Bevels part to Bikes (or something like that). We stopped by a Brit bike workshop aka museum. Lots of Rudge bikes including one said to have raced in the Isle of Man in 1928. The guy who runs the place has been putting old BSA engines into 1980s Japanese dirt bikes. Doug, I'm thinking of you. He also had a BSA scooter. He tried to sell me a bike, but I said I didn't have room because I'm trying to ride round the world on a 250cc single. He didn't care. Probably because it was Italian. I should've said Beezer.

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Posted by DaveSmith at November 14, 2004 12:59 AM

dave... i think you need to get outta Oz soon. it seems to be having a negative effect on your disposition. Oz is big, but the World is even bigger. in 1980, at the tender age of 24, i did a 5 month solo tour of America on a 1966 BMW r50(26hp!). i visited 44 states, and would love to swap stories of life on the road with you some time. my next big trip will be after i retire, or win the Lottery! lemme know when you reach new england. bob b

Posted by: bob b at November 14, 2004 07:16 AM

Still no info on the shiner, huh? That's ok but sitting on a tropical beach in November is better. And better ain't bad.......Dad

Posted by: The Old Man at November 14, 2004 11:08 AM

No sugar cereals and not enough gay bars? Sounds like the perfect intersection of right and left politics.

It's "A Monk Swimming", by the way. As in "Hail Mary , blessed art thou a monk swimming"

Yeah, I had to make Mom break out the bible to get that quote right, apparently I've blocked out the 4 years of Catholic school. Anyway, hope it was a fun read.

Have a good time out there! Keep dodging the dead wombats and the goth poetry...

Posted by: kellye at November 14, 2004 07:30 PM

Hellloooo, we're waiting here. BTB, is it pronounced wine-ging or wing-ing? Just curious...Gina

Posted by: Gina at November 17, 2004 05:49 PM

I like the gays on account of they're not douchebags like you, dave "smith"!

Posted by: Charlene at November 18, 2004 02:05 PM

Yeah? Just what sortta douchebags are they?

Posted by: Bette M. at November 18, 2004 08:25 PM

Marletta, why don't you just come over & say that shit to my face? Oh, wait...nevermind.

Posted by: Charlene at November 19, 2004 10:29 AM

OK, if you ever call my son a douchebag again, I'll come over there and kick your ass.

Posted by: Dave's Mom at November 19, 2004 05:27 PM

myomyomyo....why did we leave ohio....O, I remember now.
lemmeeseenow....lying on the beach sipping a tall drink with little umbrellas in it and watching Aussie girls stroll tule fog any day

Posted by: the old man at November 19, 2004 09:35 PM

I always thought it was "Hail Mary, blessed art thou amongst women..." Dave, I think you are in good shape, just keep riding.

Posted by: samueljohn at November 21, 2004 06:14 PM

Hey Dave! You don't hafta answer my previous pronunciation question, Kellye and Cary have both informed me...Charlene, you're being strangely quiet since my mom threatened to kick your ass for calling L'il Davey a douchebag. Don't let her scare you; although she DOES know where you live, she's short like the rest of us (where do you think we get it?). Nice photo Dave; please post more when you get the chance! -Gina

Posted by: Gina at November 22, 2004 09:37 PM

get in line!!

Posted by: Charlene at November 23, 2004 03:51 PM