May 25, 2009


Posted by gornzilla

I'll be putting up the last few entries about India in the next few days. Then I'll try to skim through the pictures and post a link to a collection of them with commentary.

I needed to post something current to bring up the India posts that I'm a wee bit late in finishing up and posting. 6 months have gone by since I updated it.

I go to Oregon in a few days, then stop by Chicago on my way back to California. Of course, that depends on how my Ducati 250 feels.

Here's Alan Cathcart on the Daytona winning Irving Vincent I watched him run round the track at Phillips Island last November. He only broke it a little, but I'm sure the belly pan would've fallen off anyway.

First a link to him going by. I didn't take this.

Had to close off comments again. Dang spammers. I need to update to a better version of Movable Type. I'll try that when I'm in Korea, I reckon.

Posted by gornzilla at May 25, 2009 01:39 AM