The Secretions

1991-1992, 1994-present



DJ Willis, guitar until death on scooter
Mickie Ratt, bass
Dave Leon, drums until 1992
Dan Reynoso, guitar after DJ's death, then drums
RayZen, drums then moved to guitar
Molly Church, guitar
Joolie Bruce, vocals, later 2nd guitar, then found God and quit (it beats ODing on smack)
Tom Working, guitar after RayZen quit for Bisybackson, then he quit
Alec (aka Johnny Loveseat), drums when Dan joined Groovie Ghoulies
Morgan, 2nd guitar at shows Molly couldn't make
Kevin, 2nd guitar when Morgan stepped aside, toured then quit
Jeff Melendez, 2nd guitar (permanent temporary)


We Secrete You Suck ep (Drool City, 1998)
Attention Deficit Disorderly CD (Slap Happy, 1999)
Secretions/Sidekicks split ep (Slap Happy/Drool City, 2000)
New Disorder Soda comp CD (New Disorder, 2001)
Seven Inches 7" (Drool City, 2001)




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