February 03, 2005

S'more pictures (mostly restored)

Posted by deeann or lurch

This is Dave's helper money DeeAnn. So in my spam cleaning zeal I screwed the pooch and blew away his whole entry instead of just the spam. I've got the original stuff Dave wrote in my cache, but lost everybody's comments- sorry about that.


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Random pictures after the Lap Round Oz. I took two, but Mister Phil Aynsley took three and Photoshopped them all. He took pity on me and gave me a ride to Bathurst so I could stare at the track. If you ever ride a 40 year old Ducati around Oz, look up Phil Aynsley. His tours are great. He rigged it so a fleet of sailboats would go by as we looked into Sydney from the harbor.

At the end of the lap. Phil Hitchcock and the Banjo Player who's name still escapes me, work on my bike. I was told to stay away. Probably a good idea, as I tend to stick to duct tape, ziplocks and bailing wire to keep it running. Picture by me.

The Bathhurst racetrack. I've always heard about it, seen pictures, and it's great being there. The track is a city street and there's houses on it. Even a winery in the middle. People put their trash cans (rubbish bins) on the friggin' track for pick up. I'm sure that you, the same as I would, would confuse "it's a city street" with the races that are run on city streets. But that's not how it works.
It's a fully set-up track that, probably for money reasons, has houses on it. The driveways are hidden behind gaps in the concrete crash wall. It'd be like some sort of weird thing where the Indy 500 or Daytona track would have houses on it. They shouldn't be there, but hey, it's got to be a great place to live -- you can only go deaf once. Unlike the track at Sears Point, there's not race shops in the middle. You can't drive through there on your way to pick up a 6-pack. It's a track with no real exits.
It makes sense and it doesn't make sense. Sort of like cricket. This pic by me.

Dave on a Stick. Me with a stick in my ass. Jumping around on the track, bouncing myself off the concrete walls. A little bit Dave Smith, a little bit Dale Earnhardt. Only I walked away. This is picture Number 3 for a reason.
Pic by Phil Aynsley.

Hanging out at the Bathurst Skyline section.

This is The Three Sisters (tres hermanas, en espanol). Picture taken by Phil Aynsley on my cheap camera. It's out in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. They're called the Blue Mountains because they're shrouded in blue from the evaporation of eucalyptus oil from the forest. I'm sure all Americans knew that, but I wanted to make things clear for the Aussies.

Posted by deeann or lurch at February 3, 2005 08:40 AM

aint technology a bitch sometimes? :>)~ i enjoyed the pix just as much as the first time. wuz kinda gettin' worried that there wuz no new updates recently

Posted by: bob b at February 5, 2005 12:54 AM