Still alive!

Posted by gornzilla on August 19, 2011

I know I haven't done an entry in a long time. I was teaching in Korea and if you write something that doesn't agree with a small, but vocal, bunch of Korean netizens (aka The Anti-English Spectrum), they'll find where you work and will do their best at getting you fired. It happened while I was there with a few blog writers. Better them than me is how I looked at it.

After that I was supposed to move to London with a girl, but she got a work visa and I didn't. I turned down her generous offer of a long distance relationship because I don't think they work. Instead, I took a job in Saudi Arabia. Another country I don't feel is a wise decision to write about. I'll be here until I save enough money to just finish the trip in one go. I'm thinking I'll be on the road summer of 2012 unless I renew my contract.

I'll leave the comments open as long as I can, but eventually it'll get flooded with spam and I'll have to end them. I'll take my time in Saudi to redo the blog since I'm using ancient software probably written for Windows 98. Once I redo it, then comment moderation will return to normal.

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