April 17, 2008


Posted by gornzilla

Ah, the joy of having a seizure! I really hope no one who reads this will ever have a seizure. They're a pain in the ass. But as Old Man Foster said, better here than India where monkeys would bite off my balls.

Tuesday the 15th, and I've been busy getting ready for my trip. I have a couple carbs to rebuild for my Norton Commando so I can eBay that, and I had found a running NSU Prinz engine on eBay. It was in a 1959 Prinz that got totaled.

I was really excited that I found a running NSU engine. They're not that common. It's in Kentucky and I was thinking about driving out there to pick it up. 2,200 miles each way, but I'm in a hurry. I'm going on tour with the Bananas on April 30th and I leave for India May 21st. Just a couple days after we're back from tour. So it was worth it to me to drive out to pick it up. That way I could get my NSU on eBay.

It was my friend Sam's birthday. She came down for a few beers and spent the night. I woke up on the floor, which isn't that unusual of a place for me to sleep when I've been drinking. I thought "that was weird, I only had 3 or 4 beers but I guess I only had 2 packs of ramen yesterday" and got back into bed.

I was lying there and asked Sam what happened -- apparently it was mind blowing birthday sex! If it wasn't mind blowing for her, it was for me.

She wrote:

I won't forget it anytime soon. I hope it helps. I've tried to get a time frame for you.

We had finished having sex. You were on top of me lounging, it felt as if you fell asleep. The time was around 10:40am i glanced at the clock. You had your arms wrapped around me tight they tightened up as if you were grabbing me and pulled me off the bed on top of you. I thought you were kidding around until I looked down and saw your facial convulsions. I quickly jumped up to push away all the surrounding stuff and think of what to do next. Your entire body and head were convulsing rapidly. I remembered you saying to just make someone comfortable. So I pulled the blankets around you and on you. By the time I had made you "comfortable" your body had stopped seizing (about 2-3minutes had gone by). But your facial expression was still seized up and you were making gurgling sounds with your head turned sideways in a box. That lasted about another 2 minutes. Then you went into deep sleep snoring loudly.
I texted my mother at 10:44 am asking for advice as I sat and watched you sleep. You slept for 15 minutes then you awoke for a second your eyes were glazed over you mumbled at me then you went back to sleep. You slept until you awoke confused almost an hour later. I watched you the entire time. You didn't have anymore symptoms of convulsions while you were asleep. I did have to tell you a couple of times that you had a seizure. When you got up into bed I knew you were able to comprehend what I was telling you.

End of Sam's story.

Sadly, I wrenched my back and bit my tongue really hard. I'm sore all over and my tongue is swollen and sore. It's hard to eat, which I guess is good since I have a fat belly.

I called up to schedule an appointment with a neurologist and the hospital told me to go to the emergency room. I showed up and asked if I could eat and take some advil and was told to wait for the doctor. They said I'd see one very soon. I didn't see a doctor for 5 hours.

Rah, bah, bah. Just the usual, "Hey you had a seizure" response. They put me back on Keppra which is the anti-seizure drug that I carted around Australia and New Zealand. I had weened off it about 18 months ago. My old neurologist said I could ween off it. Anti-seizure pills are taken in increments. You start off small and work your way up, and when you stop, you work your way down. It'll take a couple weeks to get back to my dose, and there's more tests. I'm going to have to postpone my trip to India for a month or two until I get this figured out.

I've got an EEG on the 29th but I'm hoping someone will cancel so I can get in sooner. I won't be able to drive or ride a motorcycle legally for about the next four months. That'll make it hard for me to get a job while I wait for India. The mass transit in Sacramento is horrible which'll make it hard to substitute teach.

I'll have to get a crappy job and shave off my sarcastic Salvador Dali mustache. Or maybe I can get a job at a thrift store where a mustache wouldn't be a bad thing.


Oh yeah, so I leave on April 30th to drive cross country with the band The Bananas. Here's the schedule. Please feel free to let me know if you'll be at any of the shows. My number for the next few months will be 916-307-3607.

May 2 Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 3 Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 4 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May 5 Chicago, Illinois
May 6 Cleveland, Ohio
May 7 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 8 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 9 NY, New York
May 10 NY, New York
May 11 Washington DC
May 12 Richmond, Virginia
May 13 Asheville, North Carolina
May 14 Chattanooga, Tennessee

Sarcastic mustache meets nonsarcastic eeg

Posted by gornzilla at April 17, 2008 07:10 PM

Seizure sex, I ain't heared of that before. You're always covering new ground. I'm off to find a copy of Bubba Ho-tep, thanks for the lead!

Happy birthday ya ol' fart.


Posted by: Dr. Biggles at April 18, 2008 08:12 AM

How much are you selling your Norton Commando for? I know someone who might be interested.

Posted by: steve at April 27, 2008 09:46 PM