July 19, 2005

Just stalling...

Posted by DaveSmith

Okay, real posts will be happening soon.

I've got a post about going to Buena Vista, Colorado, for the Horizons Unlimited meet. It's overlander motorcyclists. And I'll post some more stuff about last Christmas in Perth. But that'll be in a few days.

Just a bit of a delay. I almost bit the end of my tongue off a couple days ago when I had a seizure.
It's pretty good having a swollen, black & blue, tongue and the steady diet of soup should help me lose some of my blubber. So yeah, while I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I'll get my computer and DSL hooked up, so I can start up with Perth.

We've found four or five bottles of pee in the cabinets that the subrenters left behind. They trashed the apartment, too. It's always a good time. I'll be heading to Belize and Mexico in October, so new travel stories should be popping up. Plus, there's an abandoned railroad project I'm looking into so I might travel up the tracks.

Seizure later,


New Number: 916/447-4168

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