June 03, 2008

India Part 2

Posted by gornzilla

Okay, back to India for the first time.

Yup, I done bought me another one way ticket to India. I leave San Francisco on July 14 at 1:30am and show up in New Delhi on July 15 at noon. That seizure that I had in April kind of screwed me because I had to postpone my trip until July. That means I won't be able to get to China to see the Olympics. That's okay, I probably wouldn't have won anyway. Hey-oooooooooo!

I read a trick on BBC about getting past jetlag. They said it's best to fast for about 16 hours and then eat when the locals eat. Your body runs with 2 internal clocks. There's the circadian one that wakes you when the sun comes up, and there's one that lets you know when to eat that overrides the circadian clock. At least that's what the researchers said. I'll try some melatonin too. The BBC also published a story on hamsters show that Viagra works, but I doubt I'll try that.

When I went to Australia a few years ago (round 1 of my trip), I was working 2 jobs, 7 days a week. Day, swing and 2 nights of graveyard shifts. My sleep pattern was so out of wack that I could sleep anytime with no notice, so there wasn't any jetlag.

I really need to find myself a temp job working with Indians so I can learn a little Hindi. Any suggestions? Of course, I also need to fix up and sell my NSU Sport Prinz, Norton Commando, a Honda CX-500 and my beat-up but reliable Toyota pick-up truck. I'll keep my Monkey Wards/Benelli 125cc cafe racer.

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