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The WB's 7th Heaven

The Simpsons makes me laugh and wonder how they snuck stuff past the censors. Cop rock makes me laugh and wonder how it ever made it to the air. Seventh Heaven is all that and more. Seventh Heaven actually shocks me. It's a twisted obscene look into the everyday workings of a good Christian family.

The menstruation/incest/death pilot episode is simply the single most disturbing item I've seen on teevee outside of Budd Dwyer. Budd was a Pennsylvania politico who drove a .357 Magnum slug through his mouth and brainpan at a live news conference. It turned his nose into a blood faucet. His goodbye words: "Please leave the room if this offends you...this could hurt somebody."

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The show originally began airing in 1996 and is now in its fourth season.

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