July 17, 2008

Moustache Rides, 1 rupee

Posted by gornzilla

Yesterday Jennifer and I wandered the streets of Delhi and made friends drawn in by the moustache. It totally caught me off guard how many people stop me and say "nice moustache" or at least point and laugh (in a good way).

Picture 002.jpg

Jennifer took me to a Mexican restaurant called Rodeo. The bar has saddles instead of stools. We sat at a table and tequila shots to go with the Sandpiper beer. We had enchiladas and nachos with freshly made chips and salsa. It was surprisingly good. Not the best but decent and in California you get snobby about Mexican food. It's Ernesto's quality. Like I said, not the best but not bad. Still way better than the Mexican food you get in the midwest (not counting Chicago).

Picture 003.jpg

They had a weird taste in music and the first song I heard was "Who let the dogs out". There was also a bite from the nachos that had the licorice taste of fennel in it. They cook other non-Mexican food so I guess some got scooped up into the nacho seasonings.

We went to a couple bookstores looking for a book on Indian World War II history but no luck. Indians fought mostly for the Allies with the largest volunteer army in history. They kicked ass against Rommel's Afrika Korps and helped retake Italy.

But they were still a British colony and it stuck in the craw of being a colony but fighting for freedom. The "enemy of an enemy is my friend' came into play so they had a much smaller (but not insignificant) Axis force. I also want a general book on India history because I'm not a complete world war history geek.

We looked for Jennifer's friend, a Korean punk rocker, but we found out he went back to Korea two days ago. I'll still find the Indian punk scene. I know they're out there somewhere.

Next was looking for anti-seizure drugs for me. I should have enough of an overlap in prescriptions that will allow for the screwy postal service of shipping anything overseas. But I want extra just in case. We went to a few places looking and I ordered some. We'll go back today to see if it worked.

Then it was back to a bar that Jennifer said is the only bar in Delhi that she'll go to alone. The waitstaff asked if we're married since we're both westerners. This gets asked a lot and it's easiest to just say yes. Sometimes Jennifer will say no just to rile people up. Most of this is in Hindi so I don't catch most of it. Pretty much the only hindi I catch is "nice moustache".

If there's one thing I learned about India, it's show up with a sarcastic handlebar moustache. We bought some moustache wax which really impressed the people in the store. They thought I was someone famous so I'm going to take this stache to Bollywood and see if I can be an extra in a movie.

I regret not bringing the shirt my lawyer got me. It's a yellow shirt with red print that says "Moustache rides, 25 cents".

Finally we took a rickshaw running on CNG, compressed natural gas, back to my hotel.

There was a flurry of emails and I think my Ducati will be shipped to Delhi. Very nice.

sObby showed up and many beers were drank. His phone also plays mp3s, so we heard "Sweet Home Alabama" which was a fitting way to end a strange day.

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Posted by gornzilla at July 17, 2008 07:50 PM

I think my other favorite part is the google ads that pop up on the side of the blog about authentic mexican recipes, goatee shaving templates, volunteers in India and beard facial hair.

Posted by: cary at July 18, 2008 09:55 AM

Wow, that's a big Indian. Did you get the right size Ducati shirt for him?

Posted by: Skipper at July 18, 2008 11:53 AM

It looks like those sideburns could use a little waxing too...

Posted by: Gina at July 18, 2008 12:34 PM

I think you need a colorful head wrap to go w/the stache. Mexican food in India. Good to know.

Posted by: Keri at July 19, 2008 11:58 AM

Wow, Dr. Jones...Messican food in India!

Yea, there were Indians who fought in the Wehrmacht, as well as an Indian Waffen SS division. Ask around about the Wehrmacht's Freies Indien Legion and the SS' Indische Freiwilligen Legion...

Don't take any wooden Rupees and cover your heart.

Posted by: Mr. S. Lyle Mar at July 21, 2008 10:18 AM

Is THAT the infamous Sobby? I think you should sport a silk scarf, Aviator goggles, and a jaunty leather flying helmet circa Red Baron WW1 and spout "Tally Ho!" frequently,,,, or whats that? Tip Tip? Swilling Gin and playing Polo?
How about Polo playing on a Enfield?

Posted by: Doug at July 21, 2008 08:01 PM

Moustaches especially the handlebar variety are or were quite common in India, especially in Rajasthan ( a state in India). The Colnel Blimps of the British Army copied the handlebar from the Rajahas & Maharajahs of India, remind me to show you a coffee table book 'The Maharajas of India' when you visit me. The Kshatriyas ( warrior class ) a community to which kings and princes belonged would pride themselves on the length and thickness ot their mouche.Legend has it that damsels were much enamourd of mouches thick and long enough to support a lemon on both sides of the cheek, the mouche would curl up on both ends in a semi circle. The army and police departments had a special allowance for sporting thick moustaches.

May I suggest you buy 'Freedom at Midnight' a mini history of India from the 1900s to the 1950s, authored by La Pierre and an American, the same guys who wrote 'Is Paris Burning & 'Oh Calcutta' or some such thing, should be easily available in the second hand book shops of Old & New Delhi.

My greetings to SoBBy actually 'Sat Sri Akal' and 'Wahe Guruji Ka Khalsa' also tell him I have a Sardar friend who owns more than a 100 vintage and classic bikes & I was rescued by a Sardar trucker on the highway when I fell off my bike and lost consiousness. I always have a deep respect for them.

Looking forward to seeing you here and ask SoBBY to also come along, the R80 will suit him to a T.


Posted by: raj at July 22, 2008 07:40 PM


The wax takes you from Eddie Rickenbaker and puts you smack into Salvadoe Dali! Just don't get the diesel Royal Enfield...

Take care,

Posted by: Dean at July 23, 2008 10:58 PM

... but I don't hold to grovelling to pretty women, not unless the danger's desperate or I'm short of cash.

Posted by: H. Flashman, Esq. at July 24, 2008 09:47 PM